2024 DAtes

AUG 10

Duisburg, Luft & Liebe Festival



The first official Junge Junge release landed in April 2015. Titled “Beautiful Girl,” and stemming from a spontaneous jam session at 2014’s Helene Beach Festival, the single landed on Get Physical Music. The track served as a perfect example of the deeply melodic, pop- orientated sound. “Our songs automatically become melancholic, harmonic, and somehow ‘poppy,’” they say, describing their style as “pop with other influences.” Having heard “Beautiful Girl” played in a local beach bar on holiday in Ibiza, the Managing Director of Universal Music Sweden offered the duo a record deal on the spot. The first product of this arrangement was 2016’s “Run Run Run” single, followed soon thereafter with the Beautiful Girl EP which featured three original productions alongside the licensed title track. “Run Run Run” went double platinum in Sweden and has over 35 million streams on Spotify; while “Beautiful” went gold in the same territory. Earlier this year, the duo returned to the label with the “Postcard” single. Away from original productions, Rochus and Michael are also regular remixers—and can count Glashaus, Charlie Puth, James Arthur, and Avicii as artists they’ve reworked.

As DJs, the duo also continue to impress—although their tech-house sound is distanced somewhat from much of their studio output. “If we’re DJing we’ll play only tech-house or techno,” they say. “This is what has inspired both of us to play out music as DJs.” Following a busy few years of touring—during which they played Pacha Ibiza, Germany’s Magnetic Festival, HYTE on New Years Eve in Berlin, WET Open Air, to name just a few—the duo’s tour schedule continues in 2024.



Junge Junge live

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